Thursday, December 29, 2005

Obsidis Issue n 1

Terakhir dulu pernah denger kabar kalo Obsidis nge-release CallForPaper (CFP), dan kepikiran untuk coba coba ngirim tulisan (kepikiran duank :P), kalo gak salah sih CFPnya ini dirilis kurang lebih sesudah phrack[dot]org me-release issue#63 (di klaim last issue :P).
Site yang digagas oleh rosiello security, astalavista dan packetstorm, dkk ini akhirnya merilis issue n 1 yang aku ketahui dari milis bugtraq (telat yah :P)
Obsidis n°1 released! Dec 23 2005 10:03AM angelo rosiello org


Obsidis is a scientific/underground magazine that focuses on research in ITC security. The project is managed by Rosiello Security in conjunction with members of Packetstorm Security, astalavista, Information Security Writers, Blacksun and Hackers Center who make up the Committee.

Articles released:

*) ARC: A Synchronous Stream Cipher from Hash Functions by Angelo P.E. Rosiello & Roberto Carrozzo

*) Demystifying SE Linux by Abhishek Singh

*) DHCP and the Changing Art of Network Security
by James (njan) Eaton-Lee

*) Enterprise Security Management by Penetrate

*) Internet Protocol: an Introduction by DoZ

*) Preventing Http Session Fixation Attacks by Armando Romeo

*) Writing Behind a Buffer by Angelo P.E. Rosiello

We hope you'll have a nice read!

Merry Christmas,
Obsidis staff
Belum sempat ngeriview sih, tapi sepertinya menarik ;) , apalagi tentang "Demystifying SE Linux", sapa tau jadi ngeh :p , hehehehe

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