Saturday, February 19, 2005

More Advisories, More Security

Taken from written by Thierry Carrez in Feb 14 2005

Security advisories from a software publisher or packager should not be seen as bad news. There are always vulnerabilities in software, and when an advisory is released it means that one of these flaws has been identified and fixed. It also means the good guys have done their homework, and that one less flaw can be used by the bad guys to harm you.

Sure, if the patching process takes too long, the vulnerability window will benefit the script kiddies and other miscreants of the world.
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y3dips note : Apakah Memberitahukan bug, hole dan vulnerabillity cuma mengumbar "pembunuhan" besar-besaran ,atau cuma cari sensasi ? , after you read it then u may answer it !

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