Friday, March 25, 2005


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just FYI

oleh oleh ikut konferensi BCS* tentang kasus deface deface-an malaysia dan indonesia :

1. jim [jim geovedi , organizer, belua ] says : " ngapain deface web malaysia, rugi !! tuh yang untung malah temen temen gwa (HITB*, red) mereka dapet job full . sedang kalo indonesia di deface adminnya di sumpah serapah !"

2. l33tdawg (HITB* [founder]) says : "dont hack , *_^ ok! " (after we take a price of winning CTF (really ???? , i dunno! ) n they giving us HITB t-shirt (kewl))

3. Rosli (HITB* [crew]) says: " i dont care if u hack !" ,wuekxxxx?????

jadi ?????

i dont care either, so ? im so happy can join the conference

*ps: full story about conferrence will be report soon, for sharing only


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