Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Html make your PC hang

I dont know this trick will work , K-159 give me one URL that make my computer Hang , n my 2 friends restart . Ups , dont judge me like that ! im not touhghtless enough, first,- when i get the url; i was so suspicious. Then i just paste the link to my download manager , then i open it with text editor coz im a curious one and i believe K-159 wouldn't lie about the restart section , so for the sake of knowledge . I try it with firefox. Suddently i have to strike my Ctrl-Alt-Del .

The Source was only
[IMG SRC="./imagecrash.jpg" width="9999999" height="9999999"]

* [ = < ; ] = >

I knew many trick , but i only supprise about using width and height , first i think my browser wont show the picture coz its too big , but im tottaly wrong, the browser hardly trying to loaded it and all my resource will be dry out ; hang ; its the right words to describe it. I think the browser need some patch to this kind of command , I mean about using too much resource without any parsing parameter. Would they ?

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