Friday, August 26, 2005

Installing flash player projector

Installing Macromedia Flash Player 6 - Standalone player (Projector)
for Linux (Ubuntu, i mean :p)
y3dips@heaven:~$ wget -c

y3dips@heaven:~$tar -zxf

y3dips@heaven:~$cd install_flash_player_6_linux_sa

y3dips@heaven:~/install_flash_player_6_linux_sa$ ./flashplayer-installer

y3dips@heaven:~$ cd /home/y3dips/bin/

y3dips@heaven:~/bin$ ./gflashplayer
./gflashplayer: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file:
No such file or directory

/* Well at this point i try to check n finding some compat-gcc
or lib that have connection with this library file but didnt
find any , also google didnt help me much, well then i give a
try to find somethin similar n try to make some simbolic links */

y3dips@heaven:~/bin$ locate

y3dips@heaven:~/bin$ cd /usr/lib

y3dips@heaven:/usr/lib$ sudo ln -s

/* Yeah, its solve .. :lol: */

y3dips@heaven:/usr/lib$ cd /home/y3dips/bin/

y3dips@heaven:~/bin$ ./gflashplayer

There you go!, you can access it from your Desktop (if you create a
shortcut during the installation process) have phun ,
relax n dont panic for some error :lol:

1 comment:

  1. aziz@aziz:/usr/lib$ sudo ln -s
    aziz@aziz:/usr/lib$ vncviewer
    vncviewer: symbol lookup error: vncviewer: undefined symbol: cerr

    abis di ubah malah error..