Saturday, October 01, 2005

Breezy Badger

Nungguin release resmi Ubuntulinux 5.10 (Breezy Badger) yang katanya dilakukan di bulan oktober membuat gw bersemangat untuk berkunjung ke situsnya di pas tanggal 1 oktober teng (biarin deh soal BBM :P apalagi soal G30S PKI :P ... tauk ach) , tapi pas gw pantengin kesitusnya ternyata belun ada , mo donlod preview releasenya nanggung juga (mending donlod yang public release aja sekalian), mo minta kirimin cd-nya tetep aja males karena perlakuan "oknum" bea cukai dan PT.POS, jadinya biarin deh GPRS ma server-junk gw lembur ampe 3 malem (pas gw donlod .iso whax)

apa sih yang menarik di release terbaru ubuntu ini , cek this out !
About Ubuntu 5.10 Preview

To see it all, you'll need to try the CD, but the highlights

On the Desktop

* GNOME 2.12 -- Very fresh... Released yesterday!!
* 2.0 beta 2
* 6.8.2 with wider hardware support
* An enhanced tool for easily installing new applications
(see "Add/Remove Programs" in the System Administration menu)
* A new tool which makes it easy to install support for
multiple languages (Language Selector)
* Editable GNOME menus
* Applications are now linked into the Launchpad infrastructure
(new entries on the Help menus for translation and support)
* Support for writing audio CDs (Serpentine)
* Graphical boot process with progress bar (USplash)

On the Server

* PHP5
* Support for installing directly onto LVM volumes
* Built-in thin client functionality produced in cooperation
with the LTSP project (
* Simple NFS root setup with automatic hardware detection
through initramfs-tools
* Support for up to 4 gigabytes of RAM by default on 32-bit
* Kernel support for cluster filesystems (OCFS2 and GFS)

Hardware Support Improvements

* Linux with many updated drivers from third parties
* Further enhancements to laptop support (hot keys,
and working suspend/resume on more models)
* HP all-in-one printer/scanner devices are supported out of
the box
* Bluetooth input devices (such as keyboards and mice) are
supported out of the box
* Multiple audio devices are handled more gracefully (and one
can easily select the default device)
* 64-bit PowerPC kernel available


* A new OEM mode to simplify the process of preinstalling
Ubuntu on computers for resale or redistribution
* Automatically makes existing hard drive partitions available
to the desktop
* Simple "dual boot" configuration with automatic resizing of
an existing installed OS
* The second stage of the installation now has a progress bar

"Under the hood"

* GCC 4.0.1
* glibc 2.3.5
* New early userspace infrastructure based on initramfs-tools
* More modular packaging

As always, Ubuntu includes the very best of the 100% FREE / LIBRE
application software world, and each new release incorporates
countless new features and bugfixes from the global development
so ??, long live Ubuntu !!


  1. lo kan tinggal apt-get upgrade aja
    asal repo nya dah diganti dengan breezy

  2. hehhehe, /me dah cobain tapi ketemu beberapa error , pas mo update kernel via apt-get upgrade dia bentrok soal libbluetooth , trus pas mo upgrade mozila firefox juga :) . btw dah cobain belum ? sukses gak ? ..