Wednesday, September 06, 2006

PDU converter

At last, now i dont have to decode it (text to PDU) manually (phiew), Swen-Peter Ekkebus who made the 1st version on august 2002 (now ver 1.5), he wrote a javascript function to convert text type to PDU type also reverse it back. You know that, i almost confuse in coding it, in my mind(dream) i trying hard to develop such a program to convert a text to PDU format(but, theres no need to do it now :p) , cos the cellphone that i have only support PDU type for SMS format. Yes, it does give me a hard time to prove some Proof of concept in assessment (bluebug attack) a mobile phone through bluetooth services. (i believe it works, but not the audience; if they dont see with they own eyes :P)

U may see a picture

Interesting, huh. Bluebug attack-strike again:)

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