Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Corridor VI

It has been for two days that im using trans jakarta as transportation ( i have something to do for a week at "kuningan" ), in the first day (yesterday) i have some long queue up to get in (as i remember, i take a ride on third bus from the time that i stand in the line for queuing up; just imagine how many people "eager" in using it :p ). This was the first time that im using Corridor VI "Ragunan Shelter" which started operation on January 27, 2007 ( first time using this transportation in late 2006, for a trip to "kota" from Blok-m ).

Because of that, me n my friend already plans not to use it again and decide to use our motorcyle for tommorow (which is means this day), but before it (our idea) stick too long in our minds, the bus has taken us to the traffic jam and showing us what will happen if we are using a motorcyle. As u guest, we canceling our idea for tommorow and still using it again coz it takes only 30 minutes to take us (while others are stuck in "crazy" traffic jam ):P.

In the second day (today) we feel that we dont have to spend a lot time in queue, the estimate i make is about the time we go to the shelter is more late than the other days (yesterday), but theres a woman that argue, she said that " merely this because of rain, usually at this time still in a long queue ", of course i`m newly twice in using it, so i cant do some prediction about it :P.

Lets see for tommorow?

** the picture taken in the first day, when we return to Ragunan **

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