Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Its Should work, isnt it?

Let see my environtment,


here are "old kind of backdooring script", that always work for me along time ago,


the idea is just copying root shell to user directory so the user coule execute "root shell" (in this case bash-root), then it should work arent it?


Ok, the file are "hot" and ready to execute with "root" SID


gyahh, WTF .. :P, then i try to copy manually from the root via "terminal window", using "su-" to subtitute as root

And then i execute that "bash-kopi" as a copy of root shell (/bin/bash)


Gyaaaah for 2nd time :P, Then i change to real-"konsole" by pressing CTRL+ALT+F1, n do the same things,
root@tarantula:~# cp /bin/bash /home/y3dips/bash-konsole
root@tarantula:~# chmod 4755 /home/y3dips/bash-konsole
n then,


Gyaaaaah for 3rd time, .... hueheuheuheuhe :p Tanya Kenapa :lol: ,-


  1. mas y3dips, ini maksudnya backdooring bgmn yah?? apakah disini mas y3dips dah berhasil jadi root??
    Mantep euy tutorialnya.. tetep berkarya ya mas.. :D

  2. cuma file yang berisi perintah untuk mengkopikan "shell" user yang mengeksekusi ke tempat "kita" dan bisa kita gunakan untuk mendapat kemampuan user tsb. Gak berhasil tuh :P, mau tau kenapa ? coba aja dulu :P, ok thx

  3. I had the same problem.
    I found a fix for it.

    Instead of:
    $./bash-kopi -p

    then you will have your root shell as desired.