Saturday, March 03, 2007

w[X]f project are pending!

During the project progress, i officially pending this project for unknown time.

WebXploit Framework also known as w[X]f is an Exploit Framework that provide usefull information (such as vulnerabillities or exploit library) to perform web application assessment or web penetration testing.

Detail project

+ Project Name : WebXploit Framework
+ Unique Name : w[x]f
+ web :
-- (formerly are closed by the web hosting)
+ member : y3dips, ftp_geo
+ License : GNU/GPL
+ Prog language: PERL
+ OS : Independent
+ Description : Exploit Framework for web assessment
+ Started : April 2005

Special thaks to ftp_geo for sharing time and idea, great success for you .. , ill wait the time where we can work this out again
thanks for all people who has intend for great supporting and willing to join us, also sent us many of fantastic feedback.

you can always send a feedback, comment or spirit about this project to y3dips[et]

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