Thursday, April 19, 2007

diff Refreshing

Ok, now is the time for tips n tricks, were goin to play with some basic reverse-engineering or source code auditing commands, diff "outputs differences between files by comparing files line by line"
y3dips@tarantula:~/belajar$ echo "1234567" > 1.txt
y3dips@tarantula:~/belajar$ echo "1234567" > 2.txt
y3dips@tarantula:~/belajar$ echo "alias" >> 2.txt
y3dips@tarantula:~/belajar$ diff 1.txt 2.txt
> alias
wonder if we had to find "manually" some different strings between two files within thousand lines, it helps right? (i posted it just to give a shock therapy to my memory, so nevermind if u`re already master it or more :P, LOL)


  1. ..and don't forget about vimdiff. You can also try Kompare...

  2. anonymous : thx to give another great application (yes, vimdiff more colorful n has a graphical interface, but ive never use Kompare (is it KDE works only?) :P), anyway its just refreshing my old memory article ... so "diff" its one of my old memory :P