Monday, April 09, 2007

make your metasploit 3.0 run

Some people ask me about how to run a new version of metasploit (The Metasploit Framework is a development platform for creating security tools and exploits) on their ubuntu, they failed to run it, not like in previous version . As we know, a new version (framework 3.0) is written in the Ruby programming language and includes components written in C and assembler. So, here are some direction, hope it helps.

Ok, i run the framework from Edgy Eft (Ubuntu 6.10, in a fresh install state)

yes, its failed because i need ruby programming language installed on my machine

end then, just install it. Ruby are installed n try to run it again,

still failed, because i need to install libopenssl extensions for ruby

just do some search, n install the package for ruby, then try to run your "metasploit" again

now, its run perfectly on your machine.., hope it helps


  1. thx, this tutorial helps me much ..

  2. brian: nice to know it helps

  3. msf > use /windows/iis/ms01_023_printer
    [-] Failed to load module: /windows/iis/ms01_023_printer

    doesn't work dude ... =(

  4. arie: it does work properly
    msf > use windows/iis/ms01_023_printer
    msf exploit(ms01_023_printer) >

    remember not to use "slash" before the exploit path ... hope it works dude .. :)