Saturday, May 12, 2007

katr0 (spare a place for newbie)

Last time i touch freebsd was in 2004; when i installed it at the office (at the lab) but i dont do anything or playin with it, as i remember after the "shell" showd up (after finishing the installation process) ... wait for a couple minute then we decide to re-install the pc with Redhat 8.0 (gyahh).

Now, (yes its today), I spare my time to install it again (ver 5.4) after copying the ISO from some friends last week. My Arachnids (AMD athlon 1300 MHz, 384 MB of SDRAM, 20 GB of Hardisk) are ready to have another OS besides the "Dapper Drake".

But i have to use special boot options to get successfull booting process at my Arachnids
press 6, when boot options prompt
type "set hw.ata.ata_dma=0" ; To disable DMA for hard drives,
type "boot" ; to boot

after finishing the installation process, just add "set hw.ata.ata_dma=0" to /boot/loader.conf

yes, im late .. just said that i am "katro",
lets see whats next? (looking further about my arpwall project at freeBSD also, While, reading the documentation about beginner in freeBSD, gyahhh .. wakkakakaka)


  1. noooooo (luke skywalker's style), another penguin master turns to red devil's side? heheheh

  2. niwatori:"There is no emotion; there is peace.There is no ignorance; there is knowledge." , hehehhe