Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Moedik: The Story


This is the place where i ended up my hunger, i arrived at 8th o`clock in Soekarno-Hatta Airport and i just need to wait for another two hour before departure time schedule to Palembang. At this place i search for free WIFI connection via my new XDA-Atom (wait for my story about this) using wi-fi utility, and i found Xpoint (which is provided by XL, in my last journey to Palembang, im able to do some penetration testing against it) in the available network list. So i decide to connect and browse for some web sites, lucky me coz i dont have to "rumble" arround because they give a free connection in that time (just send an sms using XL-GSM card to get a free voucher).


It`s a picture of my nephew Raja and his sister Rara, they give me some nice pose when i decide to take their picture using my XDA and as u know "i`m not a good photographer anyway" :p

Where`s the number 13th ?, im quite confuse about the number, i get 14A as a number for my seat and i ask the airhostess wheres the number 14A (i dont see the number 14 before), because my brain tell me that after number 12 it must be 13 so i jump to next row which mean a real row number 14, but in the airplane it was row number 15 .. gyah .. ... (does it have any connection with "lantai 13" the movie ???? :P)

... run .....

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