Friday, July 20, 2007

Xda Atom: Tweak your Space

Xda Atom comes with 128 MB ROM capacity (including 43.86MB user-accessible non-volatile memory) and 64 MB RAM capacity (59.19MB accessible), so for us as Atom Users its worth saving more n more space from XDA Atom main memory, One big Saving that we can do is changing InternetExplorer path in registry, change "Cache", "Cookies" and "History" String Value in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\EXplorer\Shell Folder\, from \Windows\ to your memory card/sd card path, for example change it to \Memory Card\. Yes, it gives me more space avaliable for the tweaks (more than 4 MB)

For another tweaks for WM5 (Windows mobile 5), try this one, and be carefull, Backup all your data first.


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