Sunday, August 26, 2007

First comment drop into my inbox

Nice :), somebody already read my book and drop me a comment. But im as suprise as you are about his comment, i think he miss the introduction section :), this book character are totally fiction. Remember about the footnote in introduction section
Catatan: Apabila ada kesamaan nama, karakter dan sebagainya dengan kehidupan nyata, maka itu hanyalah suatu kebetulan belaka .. hehehe
Or did he think the book are so real? , im impress much if he think like that, but sorry "all the character in that book are fiction". Anyway, thx for your comments pals :)

At last, somebody give a response about my book, urgh im waiting another comment (starving of your comments)


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  1. Kayaknya nih bukunya mas y3d1ps ini bagus.. tapi aku lom baca nih.. kayaknya jadi pengen baca nih :).. salam kenal dari pemula :)..

  2. Wow.. finally you launch the book man.. i'm one of your fans bro, i really2 waiting for that book. thank you my man. Keep a good faith (making book) :)

  3. to:y3dips
    tgl 6-10-2007
    sy cari buku "hacker's is not black or white" di gramedia Bandung ga ada & gunung agung Bandung uda habis, klo di Bdg dimana lg sy bisa dapat buku itu..