Sunday, August 12, 2007

Log: EchoStaff meeting

Just a Log (please ignore)

Subject : Meet with echostaff
Location : BLok M
Start Time : Sunday 12/08/2007 16:00
End Time : Sunday 12/08/2007 20:00
Atendees : y3dips, lirva32, hero, pushm0v, chika
Topics : echo birthday, future of echo ...


This is some picture from the meeting place, when i do some bluetooth scanning using my Xcalibur, and this picture show us "how vulnerable our world", a discoverable "bluetooth" in short range around us. woops .. there still T610 in a list (probably vulnerable for bluesnarf), and two other device with "name" and many others probably vulnerable for bluejacking, oh well i dont do nasty thing, just lurking around, no device was harm :)



  1. Pic lagi meeting nya bos?
    Kan pengen tau juga, "layout2" petinggi ECHO. :D

  2. @siwawan: wah ga ada yang bawa kamera, btw, pengen ngeliat siapa seh :P

  3. :D hehehe... duuhhh si suhu,,, mau tauuuuu ajjaaa,,, qeqeqeqeqe

    ya sapa tau, ketemu di jalan, kan bisa say hi.. jadi kalo ketemuan ntar bilang gini, "Haiiiii", trus pulang deh... :D

  4. @siwawan: hihihi, sayangnya emang ga di foto tuh :)