Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ipod touch; thxs God its BSD based

FYI, this posting should be informing about my new pentest application at my ex1a (ipod touch), but the problem is occurs when i run the screenshot application along with summerboard (which is already happen before), I tried to capture my nmap, ngrep and also aircrack-ng running on the ipod. My ipod suddently (crazy) blinking all the time with two button in the top-left , showing snap button and view button (screenshot application running).

The real problem is, i cant go to the main screen, because it`s locked out and blinking, ive restart it several time, until i can see my main screen (with all menu). But when i choose one application running, then the screen just freezing and i cant do anything, Thx God the wireless already set up, and I finally able to connect using ssh from my linux box, then i figure out whether uninstalling the apps from console (which i never try and knowing before) or kill the process. I choose option number two and figure out how to list the process, ps -axf (linux typical command) not working (im not so familliar with OSx or Bsd), then i list the command and finally found "ps -A" to list all the process and kill it immediately :)

Sorry folk there is no screenshot avaliable from the ipod for this pentest applications, just give u a remote screenshot below (until i found another (stable) screenshot applications for ipod)

The nmap and ngrep applications

list of my pentest apss and aircrack-ng applications

aircrack-ng in actions, cracking the WEP ivs file

And thx God, its not windows (the first things i do if its running windows in it, is reinstall the box):), and thx God im not following google to restore my ipod :)
Now, i have Metasploit, Nikto, Nmap, ngrep, and aircrack-ng (still unable to do injection)



  1. wew, salut nih sama dirimu :)

  2. zundel_o : bantuin turun dunk, jadi melayang nih sama pujiannya :).. hehhe, biasa aja bos, cuma mencoba belajar dan belajar, thx yah. Semangat juga bos :)