Friday, April 04, 2008

Gentoo 2008.0_beta1 unleashed

Donnie Berkholz, Posted about 2008.0_beta1 unleashed on April 1, 2008 at gentoo homesite (
When we said "soon," even we didn't realize how soon it would be. 2008.0_beta1 is here. Your support and enthusiasm are greatly appreciated—thank you.

You can help make 2008.0 amazing! Test out this beta and report any functionality issues you encounter. Since this is the first beta, we're looking only for bugs in functionality, not bugs in appearance such as desktop backgrounds or other artwork. We expect to release a second beta once your testing has helped us fix problems with this first beta.

A migration to RPM was carefully considered again for this release, but in the end we decided to wait for the few remaining RPM-using distributions to migrate to the superior packaging format of ebuilds.

Download this Gentoo beta1:

Gentoo 2008.0_beta1 Minimal CD/InstallCD
(up to 130 megabytes depending on arch)
alpha | amd64 | hppa | ia64 | ppc64 | sparc64 | x86

Gentoo 2008.0_beta1 Universal install CD
(up to 600 megabytes depending on arch)
ppc64 | sparc64

Gentoo 2008.0_beta1 LiveCD
(up to 700 megabytes depending on arch)
i686 | amd64 | ppc64 (32-ul)

Gentoo 2008.0_beta1 LiveDVD
i686 (3.8G) | amd64 (1.6G)

Thats why, when i do some sync (emerg --sync), and check the update package (emerge -pv world) then i found out that i have to download almost 850 MB of new package (ive already updated openoffice, n some important tools for me (such as truecrypt, nmap, madwifi, wireshark and else)), and now the update process are still on progress ... pyuhh

so, go get gentoo new version ! m000...

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