Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Phrack issue #65 are out

Maybe its too late, but anyway phrack issue #65 are already out 4 days ago.

Phrack Prophile on The UNIX Terrorist
Phrack World News
Stealth Hooking: another way to subvert the Windows kernel
Clawing holes in NAT with UPnP
The only laws on Internet are assembly and RFCs
System Management Mode Hacks
Mystifying the debugger for ultimate
Australian Restricted Defense Networks and FISSO
phook - The PEB Hooker
Hacking the $49 Wifi Finder
The art of exploitation: Technical analysis of Samba WINS overflow
The Underground Myth
Hacking your brain: Artificial Conciousness
International Scenes

ive already made simple review here

Enjoy the magazine

Quote : anonymous - "the underground myth" - phile 13
"Today's youth, for the most part, have no true understanding of hackers or hacking. They have no knowledge of the history, no knowledge that a history even exists. Their hacker is the media's hacker, the cyber terrorist, the Russian mafia. This is unfortunate, but the real trouble begins for those few that somehow become interested enough to look a bit deeper."

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