Thursday, September 25, 2008

Council; CFP; Sites; Id-sec-conf-2008

At last, a week ago, the id-sec-conf-2008 council were formed, the council/committee will be the heart of the event , they will decide every steps and "big plan" of the event. The team was formed from former security community member in Indonesia, most of the people involve are old enough well known in IT security field (whether by their name or their unique ids)

Id-sec-conf or Indonesian Security Conference are Yet another community gathering event focusing on security, what makes its different?, it comes from the community for the shake of Indonesian IT Security community, using Bahasa as a main language, all the speaker are "must" from Indonesia, and has one unique rule; that every person that involves (speaker, attendee, etc) should use an id/pseudonym, instead their real id/name.

Now, the main site are still hosted on blogger and the domain name are still using , but, soon after the committee choose a prefer name (some domain name already taken, still preparing some migration), and buy it, the site will be independent and manage by the committee itself.

Recent sites are designed by indographstudio, one of Indonesian web company launch recently; one of the core member already made a huge contribution to echo before (e.g: creating a logo for echo disscussion room ) . Now, the sites are up (and well designed ); the committee are well formed; the CFP (call for paper) are published (so, if you think you have somethin to share, then send us your proposals); yet, there still many things to do :)

Truly, we need a support from every of you :)


  1. PERtamaxxx ga yah ? :P

  2. @L41n: kalo komentar sih iya, atau pertamax kirim proposal jaid pembicara nih maksudnya ?