Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gmail: Youll Never miss to attach

This early morning i receive a reply from my friends telling me that i forgot to attach the files, and just imagine if your mail client can warn you about this.

Now, its not just a myth :), yes its true. New google labs forgotten attachment detector will save my (your) face, eventhough im also using Evolution (i`m hoping another mail client will develop this kind of feature) for my jobs/works email.

Forgotten attachment detector is created by Jonathan K, ones of Google labs developer, it will prevents us from accidentally sending a message without the relevant attachments. Prompts you if you mention attaching a file, but forgot to do so.

Actually is not (yet) a perfect system, for example, im already using some of this phrase "file are attach", "im attaching the files", "im attaching the trip files", and none of this three phrase are working, but the last phrase that im using is words "attached" in the phrase and it works perfectly. I hope there will be improvements and it will be great if users could supply the phrase, you can also look at another test are done by Amit Chowdhry

To activate this feature just choose it under "Labs" tab under "Gmail Settings" and find the Forgotten attachment detector created by Jonathan K at the bottom.

Yes this test are possible after google allow users to test gmail features early month before. As a notice after you activate the labs feature, there will be "lab glass" icon at the right top your gmail page. (after your email account)

Enjoy this new feature!

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