Friday, May 24, 2013

MacGPG2: GPG keychain Access failed to add/import public key

A few days ago GPGtools releasing their latest Gpg Application (MacGPG2) and other tools version for Mac OSX Mountain Lion. GPG Keychain Access was a specific tools in a bundle to maintain the GPG Keys.

So, i updated my beta-version yesterday to the latest version, and today, I encounter a problem that made me unable to import a keys, even when the status are without any error, and saying that the key was processed. But, when i checked the list of the key imported, the latest key wasn't there.

So, i decided to import it using the command line using the gpg --import key, then, i think i know what is the problems. Yes, the self-signature uid issue warning.

To fix  deal with the issue, we can allow non-selfsigned uid, by adding it to the gpg.conf

And then, try to import the key again using gpg

or using GPG Keychain Access application

And, now we've got the key imported.

Hope it helps.

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