Thursday, September 28, 2006

Flickr discriminates Opera

Why does i can`t organize my flickr photos with opera web browser? eventough i`ve already activate javascript plugins, so i need to use swiftfox (a light also un-finish version of firefox (also known as "deerpark")) to organize my photo at flickr.

Is it only me or someone has a same problems? altough i found one comments on flickr official forum that tell this problems, gahh..


  1. kayaknya emnag gak bisa om y3dips, aku juag pake firefox buat organize

  2. iyah tuh aku juga gak bisa

  3. @suzaku : hu uh, :p , btw suka kyo juga yah ?
    @sembarang : [m]beeeeeeeeeeeerrrr