Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lurking around; Unmotivied

As its writen in the title, there is no motivation for me to do such "war driving" (since im doing it by huddle-up, i think fair enough if it says "war huddle-up" :lol:) this time, except for doing Access Poit (APs) survey, checking the security levels, also knowing the distance from my place to the APs and trully i found many interesting part in my activity, I also have to to use "wireshark" (new version of ethereal) for "unmotivy" reasons.. (like ive been under intimidating with guns :P)

According to "war huddle-up" time, ive found that some APs are hiding their SSIDs, which is mean they are aware about security, One APs using "WEP" for encryotion (sorry, i dont crack the key for some purpose, actually im afraid that im goin too far :P ), at last enjoy the skrinsyut

netstumbler specifically let us knowing the signal strength (or we may say it a distance)

kismet pushing the devices into monitor mode (make your work easier if u dont know how to set iwconfig [dev] mode monitor :P, so u can match it with sniffing tools )

then, just harvest the traffic.



  1. Mas y3dips, buat tutorial tentang sniffing menggunakan etheral dong.. di jaringan wireless, soalnya saya susah bgt nehh mengenai sniffing..
    Saya suka baca2 blognya mas y3dips, tetap berkarya yah..

  2. anonymous: waduh kalo tutornya dha banyak kali bersebaran, kamu cuma perlu pilih device yang akan kamu sniff dari "sniffer", kalo bingung pilih any tapi agak ribet sortingnya (mode device : monitor), catatan: untuk WEP dan WPA perlu perlakuan khusus , wah ada juga yang baca blog jelek ini... hehhee, sama-sama deh