Saturday, June 23, 2007

Evil Et Werk

In the last two days i was a bit busy, like i ever mention long time before (hell if u dont remember or care :P ), now i search a real me, start a new life, new condition that ive ever scared even to think about it before.

I also learn many things from my new partner (i dont know if he allowed me to mention his named) and he is also my mentor now (if he allowed me said that), i learn about many things from concept about security (penetration testing concept) until hands on hacking (rumbling arround in the office network, buzzing some routers :P ) , he also made a "very welcome" WIKI for a new comer like me so i could grab some information from there.

Some subject that i try in last two days was, warming up one machine and installed ubuntu upon a VMWare (we decide to use a VMWare coz we are planning to install another OS) and configure it to be a "war machine" and also "honey machine" , i also learn TRueCrypt and got it installed in my "Venom" (my new laptop that the office lend to me) running Windows and Ubuntu and mount the image from one to other OS, i also learn about VOIP hack and etc, i also grab some tools to fullfil my own research then. Im tired but happy because im doing what i like and paid for doin that :)

See ya at werk ....

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