Friday, August 10, 2007

log: control C pro-phile

Today, i recently open all my stuff/documentation inside of my harddrive, and found an old phrack magazine edition (u still could browse it online at; thx to all the "new" phrack-staff for bringing it up again), then i found "Control C" prophile (issue 45, phile 7), he was a former member of great(est?) hacker/phreaker group (frontier) LOD/H (Legion of doom/hackers, created by Lex Luthor), the interesting part is when "Control C" said his opinion about the future of underground
What I think of the Future of the Underground:

Ahahaha.. LAME, LAME, LAME.. In the old days we were the first
to do things. We would get on a system and play with it for
hours. It was a quest for knowledge. That was what LOD/H was all
about. Today's new "hackers" are really assholes. They don't do
it to learn. They want to mess things up. I really can't stand
the new anarchy thing that is going around. We have kids logging
onto the BBS that say "I have 400+ viruses". Well.. That's not

The purpose of hacking is to learn. Learn the way a computer
system runs. Learn how the telephone switching systems work.
Learn how a packet switching network works. It's not to destroy
things or make other peoples lives a mess by deleting all the
work they did for the past week. The reason the Department of Justice
has crackdowns on computer hackers is because so many of them are
destructive. That's just stupid criminal behavior and I hope they
all get busted. They shouldn't be around. You give real
hackers a bad name.

Then, please take a look what duvel wrotes in his "A brief history of the Underground scene" articles.

You we need to read that, as a "larva" :)

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