Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lorcon module, metasploit, & wifi

Hello everybody, this time we will try to exploit wifi environtment with metasploit, yup.. since Metasploit framework version 3.0, its already includes three exploit modules that exploit WiFi driver vulnerabilities in the Windows kernel, also a handful of auxiliary modules that included and trigger denial of service conditions in WiFi drivers across a variety of platforms.

So, here we go ..

First, I try to run an auxiliary modules that DOS the wifi client

but its failed. So, lets try to exploit a target with windows broadcomm wifi driver

Yes, its also failed. I never use it before, thats why i never configure the external module under the Framework directory (the truth is, i never had enough time to play more with metasploit .. **blah** )

So, here is the rundown step.
1. install the lorcon module, Lorcon is a generic library for injecting 802.11 frames, capable of injection via multiple driver frameworks, without forcing modification of the application code.U can use it also with kismet and wireshark.

get the latest version and compile it
$svn co lorcon

2. Compile the ruby lorcon module under framework-3.1/external/ruby-lorcon, see README for installation step, and copy the file to /usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/i686-linux/

3. if you use gentoo, make sure to rebuild the library first with revdep-rebuild (i need to do this)

And then,

enjoy(tm), hope it helps..

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