Friday, February 22, 2008

My first Apps for Ipod touch

After more than a week (more than 7 times in building it, yes i have to work, sleep, eat, vacation :P) im trying to build a toolchain to enable development for the Apple iPhone and other embedded devices (based on the ARM/Darwin platform). At last, yesterday i`m able to install and using it to compile a simple Hello World application for my ex1a, most of the time are spending to download LLVM, Mac OS X header (Download the Xcode DMG from Apple's Developer Tools download page.) which is the size are almost 1 GB, and then troubleshooting the library, also some errors because of broken iphone filesystem :( , for some helpfull instruction u can go through this site.

And here are the screenshot ...

Im building it under my Gentoo linux Operating system, and here are compiling Hello World Application before uploading it to a repository ...

Thats All folk, enjoy(tm)

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