Monday, January 09, 2012

Technical Workshop Material for BPPT

Last year (actually more than a month ago :lol:). I and two other friends had an opportunity to give a workshops related to Information Security to the participants from BPPT. This workshop covers most aspects of Information Security, and aims to provide hands-on experience to participants for every sessions/material.

I myself assigned to convey the three sessions/materials, namely:
1. Security Penetration Testing,
2. Network Security, and
3. Internet Security.

While others will cover: Wireless Security, Web application Security, Digital Forensic, Firewall and IPS/IDS,

Surely the time 4 hours/subject is far from enough, but 90% of time used for hands-on and 10% of it for theory, so that we hope the participants still get an overview of the activities they do alone

Here is the 10% (the theory materials), most of the image, screenshot, video are removed :)

Penetration testing
View more presentations from ammar wk.


  1. "Me and two other ..." BTW, thanks for sharing!

  2. What materials you used for hands on?

  3. @za: and again.. hahahaha, thxanyway. Materials? self-created hands-on materials based on the theory