Saturday, March 10, 2012

Android apps: Hide It Pro #FAIL

If you are an Android users and using Hide It Pro as application to hide your pictures, videos and else, please think again.
Hide it Pro, Hide Pictures and Videos in your phone. COMPLETELY FREE and UNLIMITED version. Only app in android market having full 5 stars rating with 1,000,000 downloads
Well, I've always curious with this kind of application that offer hiding and protecting our data. So, i just give it a try (its free), i try to use this Application to hide some the videos, for example movie with title "musket.avi".  After its completely gone from default Android Video Player application movie lists, i try the simple attack  attempt by searching the file via commandline (ssh to android)

and well, the "find" command are able to found the file, so? its not hidden enough.

The application just move the file from some place that generic video player would be able to detect into some place that it wouldn't be able to detect in this case "/mnt/sdcard/ProgramData/Android/Language/.fr/videos/" (maybe, you might found a different place, but its findable) and with "Random" (we define it at hide it pro application") as folder name.

So its not hide enough; I just think, maybe its an encrypted file, as stated on the web (support encryption). So i just browse from the inside of android device via "explorer" application, and suprissingly its playable. #FAIL

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