Thursday, April 17, 2008

gentoo-synce with my xcalibur

Yeah, At last! it never work on fedora, ubuntu and other distros that i ever use ( or it because i never do compiling (try) to install it on some other distros (no need to ?)) but with this instruction and some luck, now my XDA got detected and sync with my gentoo using SyncE

FYI, the instruction; u need to build a python module and python-setuptools first (our you would find a hard time with one-by-one install it later).. carefull, u have to do some kernel re-compile, dbus modification (installation) and other thrilling thing, but no problem .. its gentoo anyway(GNU/linux)!

please check the interface (rndis0) and ping it, now you are ready to do ICS, or whatever :d (installing some daemon on xcalibur ?)

Beatiful isnt it ? hshh
Enjoy (tm)


  1. pernah coba belom?

  2. belum, soalnya gw nemu page itu baru sekarang :), dulu dah seirng instal multisync, opensync dsb disertai libsync dari repo or bawaan distro (rpm) dsb tapi ga pernah sukses, mungkin ga "luck" kali ye.... hahaha

    ga bis acoba di ubuntu soalnya tarantula yang ber-Os-kan gutsy sedang di servis.. next time, or maybe ad ayang bisa coba, maybe a lot easier or in contrary :)